What is the difference between Rolf Structural Integration and massage therapy?

It is often asked if Rolf Structural Integration is just like Massage. It differs from massage in many ways. First of all, the techniques used are not those used in a typical Swedish massage or even Neuromuscular therapy. Massage is meant to relax the body and mind, increase venous blood flow, flush toxins from the muscle tissue, and even lengthen tissue.
Daniel, your Rolfer, is interested in educating you as the client to have better posture. By releasing patterned restrictions in the connective tissue matrix, this helps to move your body structure in the direction of balance and symmetry. When Daniel is applying a technique to an area, besides releasing restrictions in soft tissue, he is also intending to help you connect with how it feels to hold your body with less tension. This leads to the re-organization of the body’s structural relationships, so that the entire body can be better aligned in gravity and function more efficiently in motion.

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Daniel Burnes. I am a certified Rolf Structural Integrator (a.k.a. Rolfer) and have been practicing full-time since 2005. I have treated hundreds of clients with over a 90% success rate.

Please take the time to read the content of this site and see if you feel moved to delve deeper. I welcome all people who desire a real change in their life and not a temporary band-aid. This work lasts and can restore function while releasing blockages.

I have worked on newborns to  people in their 90's and beyond. One of the favorite statements I tell people is "It is never too late to rejuvenate!" Or too early for that matter. Newborns develop in the fetal position and are born through a very tight opening or in the case of a c-section cut out of the mother basically. All of this leaves areas of their body out of alignment. In fact  some European hospitals have a Rolfer in the delivery room who adjust and manipulate the infant immediately after the umbilical cord has been cut and tied and the baby has been washed.

So get off your chair and take a step towards higher living. Imagine if you will, a feeling of awareness of your body, feeling taller and lighter and a feeling of freedom from within. That and more is possible.

Some of the conditions that have subsided or disappeared altogether in my clients are: Plantar Fasciitis, Frozen Shoulder, Pinched Nerves, Numbness in Extremities, X-Legs (knocked knees), O-Legs (bowed legs), Feet that are turned in or out become straight, Shoulders that are drawn forward or are not level move back into a balanced open position, Jaw Pain or clicking, carpel tunnel, neck and head too far forward, chronic knee pain, low back pain, hip pain, elbow pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, scoliosis, PTSD, this list keeps growing.

I can never give a guarantee, other than to promise I will open your body with compassion, intuition and give you all I am capable of. I work from my heart, not my head. I connect to you in a manner that is hard to explain because it is a gift. Let me share it with YOU!

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