Client Testimonials

Kristen Gandrow
Daniel Burnes is the most skilled massage therapist whose work I've ever experienced, & I'm SO grateful to him! My neck, shoulders, & psyche were a mess when I first started going to see him. Daniel's compassion & gift of healing have made such a positive impact on my health!

Chad Naughton
Daniel Burnes is amazing. After 3 years of excruciating back pain and every course of traditional therapy imaginable I ended up having back surgery.

When the pain failed to subside I tried bodywork from Daniel and after every session I began to feel better.

Daniel has a unique approach and a profound gift for healing.

Anyone who has back pain needs to see Daniel Burnes.

D. Lee
I'm impressed! – For 2 weeks I'd been having discomfort from an over extended muscle in my upper back. One morning last week I realized it was just getting worse so I called the in hopes of getting in for a massage that day. I did and was treated by the gentle and very professional hands of Daniel Burnes. I greatly appreciated the time he took to explain what my problem seemed to be and various things I need to do to alliviate future issues. I have had relaxing massages at various spas but here I felt that Daniel was well trained to deal with my specific problem and kept his focus on that. I am returning this week for another treatment.

Missy A.
I remember when I  scheduled  with Daniel Burnes for my first-ever Rolfing session! I was ready to give up ever being pain free. As soon as he began to work on my areas of concern I began to feel improvement! He is gifted, patient, shares a wealth of his knowledge during the session, and genuinely is committed to the goal of helping you to become well! He is healing my old injuries - ones that I'd almost given up on. I have made more progress in three sessions with Daniel than I have in four years of visits to my MD, Chiropractor, and the YWCA, combined. I look forward to my next Rolfing session with Daniel because there is noticeable progress after each visit: progress that doesn't fade away.

Douglas Carter
I am a 45-yr old male who has have lived with Degenerating Disc Disease and as a result chronic pain for over 8-yrs now. I have been a patient at the Fairview Pain and Palliative Care Center and been through most of the latest pain management programs so I know a thing or two regarding coping with chronic pain. Over the past 8-yrs I have more or less been in constant pain, not enjoyable. My Dr. recently suggested I try Rolfing. I found Daniel by a Google search. I talked with Daniel and we both agreed that any results we achieve will be a result of the two of us working together toward the goal of decreasing the pain I experience. I recently completed the 10-Series and have had fantastic results. Daniel is VERY compassionate and was able to get me relief from the constant pain by about the 3rd or 4th session. By the 6th session I was experiencing significant parts of my day without any pain or pain in the 1-3 range. This had been the first time in 8 years I have had significant pain relief. Now that I am one week out from the 10-Serise I am still doing very well and anticipate continuing the recovery.

Joanne Bolles
I found Daniel right after I had a segway injury. It was perfect timing, and I'm so happy to have found such a great Massage Therapist as Daniel Burnes. He encourages healing through massage. I highly recommend a visit to him as it was very healing for me. His sense of humor made the experience even better!

Pierce B.
Daniel Burnes is a healer.  His card states that he is a Rolfer.  He is that, officially. But if you are treated by him long enough you will discover that he is also a healer. You won't hear this from him and you won't reach that reasoned conclusion with your mind. Instead, your body will tell you, as only your body can. As mine did.  
The secular thinking that dominates modern healthcare providers is variably fearful or aggressively circumspect about using the word. And the word "healer" has fallen out of favor as a description for those we associate with our healthcare needs. But our intent for going to any of these worthies is to be healed, even if we never state it or admit it aloud.  
A healer is someone who can begin a process of healing, knowing and accepting that they are a part of a process that is larger than they are, and that their role is to largely act as a facilitator. A healer always touches, ultimately changing what they touch for the better. Daniel Burnes does this, combining a thorough knowledge of the body's anatomy, a continuously  evolving and comprehensive understanding of how the body's parts are designed to work as a whole, and a deeply focused commitment to service his clients' needs.  
For my part, I'd be half-crippled now if not for the treatment provided me by Daniel Burnes for a malady eight years in the making. Not only that, thanks to him my body is slowly regaining a capability I lost over 40 years ago. It wasn't something I had come to Daniel for help with. He commented on something he noticed about my body that wasn't right.  When I told him that no less than the Orthopedic Surgeon for a Big 10 athletic team told me that it was a capability I would never regain. Daniel simply said, "Oh, I can fix that."  In one of the biggest and certainly the most welcome surprises of my life, it turned out he was right.
The body heals itself. No one disputes this. There are times the body needs help. This help ranges from as simple a thing as a careful washing and application of a band-aide, to major surgery. A healer understands how to provide what the body needs to heal itself. That is what Daniel Burnes is, and what you will get when you choose to add him to your healthcare team.

Cora Lierman
After over 20 years of continuous pain as the result of an automobile accident, I found Daniel and his gift of Rolfing.  I had heard of Rolfing, however had never tried the modality as everyone told me it was so painful.  I was hesitant because I had been in pain for so long already.  I received deep tissue/sports massage almost every week for 20 years, and still found the pain returning.  I am a massage therapist myself, so my working complicated my condition.  So now the good news!  I had the 10 Session Protocol with Daniel, and yes there were times when it was a little uncomfortable.  Daniel was always considerate of my pain tolerance and I have to say that I never experienced any more pain than deep tissue work inflicted.  After the 10 Sessions I have been able to go for as long as 2 to 4 months before I need a tune-up.  I am virtually pain free for weeks.  It has changed my whole out-look on life, and extended my ability to work myself.

I highly recommend Daniel Burnes.

Matt M.
Daniel Burnes is fantastic!  After my first of ten sessions with him, I knew I had found the right body worker, rolfer, healer, etc!  Your body will feel better than it has in a long time-and so will the rest of you.  
Ask yourself this, "How long am I going to live with this (fill in the blank e.g. sore shoulder, headache, backache, trick knee, pain)?" or & "IT is still there, I need something/one different to help.  When will I do it?"
I asked myself those questions and decided now is the time I can call and make a change. So I did and have thanked myself ever since.
Health Professionals

Larry Dossey, M.D., best-selling author: "There is one major reason to take Rolfing® seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people's bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing is powerful stuff."

Jim Montgomery, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, often refers his clients to Rolfing. "I send a variety of my clients to a get Rolfed. People with shoulder and elbow problems, with scar tissue resulting from injury or surgery, chronic hamstring problems, low back and cervical spine problems. People that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. All those people can be helped with Rolfing."

Karlis Ullis, MD, (team physician for 1992 summer Olympics), Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group in Santa Monica, CA: "Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strains and overuse. The Olympic athletes wouldn't have as many injuries if they had appropriate soft tissue therapy. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition and injury." Dr. Ullis has provided medical expertise to athletes at five Olympic games, including Lillehammer, Albertville, and Barcelona, in the fields of figure skating, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, biathlon, track and field and other sports.


2014 - Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, commented, "I feel like I benefitted from it after just having one session. . . . I still feel fresh. I don't feel like it's late in the season and getting by Rolfing done I feel like I'm always fresh."

2013 - MLB  player, Sean Casey, remarked "I had to be helped up onto the table by my wife. He worked on me for three hours the first time, and after that, I didn't have any pain." and “I tell my family and friends to let a Rolfer work on them one time and it will change their lives."
2012 - Mark Howe, Hall of Fame hockey player, talked about how his father, legendary hockey player, Gordie Howe, benefited from work received from getting Rolfed. "I just see him move so much easier now. He’s bending easier, and now he can sit down, lean over, and get his socks off and do whatever he has to do." He also commented on his own results: "Right from the very first session, things got progressively better. He improved my flexibility by 8–10 inches and it lasted 4–5 days. We had been working for 2–3 months to get me more flexible. One Rolfing session had increased my flexibility by 50 percent. It’s the first time I’ve been able to stand erect since I hurt my back."
2012 – Five Time Olympic High Jumper, Amy Acuff, stated that her experience with Rolfing Structural Integration contributed to her success. "Rolfing is an opportunity for discovery and it is so meaningful to me in what I am trying to achieve with my jumping, that I feel grateful that I have the chance to get the therapy." "The insights I gain from the Rolfing work help me picture where I might be able to extract a little more power and length in the act of high jumping. I notice that I feel more stable and long throughout my body after the sessions."

Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers coach says, “I’m the kind of person that likes to physically challenge myself. I think (Rolfing) is a valuable resource…for keeping myself together.”

Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko, 1998 Olympic Silver Medalists, have found they have a competitive advantage by working with a Rolfer. Elvis Stojko introduced his Rolfer to Michelle Kwan in July during the Campbell Soup Tour of World Figure Skating Champions. Stojko, who has benefited from Rolfing says, "Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition; it puts my body in place." It's key for figure skaters like Michelle and Elvis, to find an exact balanced position in space. Balance and integration are the primary goals of the Rolfing process. They feel lighter and have more energy because they're not working as hard. They perform and complete their jumps with more ease.

Bob Tewksbury, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins says, "I have received many benefits from Rolfing. In 1991, my massage therapist recommended it as a way to get a deeper level of work. Although the benefits of muscle work come and go depending on when and how regularly I get Rolfing work, I have noticed long lasting benefits with regard to my breathing, my posture and my body awareness. I have used Rolfing mainly in two areas, for my lower and upper back to help with flexibility and stiffness and to enhance my performance."

The Phoenix Suns were the first major NBA Basketball team to have a Certified Advanced Rolfer on hand. Phoenix Suns guard, Danny Ainge, who has received Rolfing for years, recommended the therapy to Charles Barkley. Other Suns, Mark West and A.C. Green, also have been Rolfed with satisfactory results.

Sarah Will, 1998 US Paralympic Gold Medal Skier, a member of the US Disabled Ski Team is a paraplegic athlete that credits her five gold metals to Rolfing. Will's said that "Rolfing gives you a competitive edge as an athlete." and “Rolfing increased my performance time 100%.”

Sharon Sander, ranked #2 on the US Pentathlon team, who's preparing to compete in the first women's Olympics pentathlon, says, "I recommend Rolfing for any athlete who has ever had trouble with injuries or doesn't feel like they are reaching their potential."

Joe Greene, two-time U.S.A. Olympic bronze medal long jumper says, "Rolfing works. It really makes a huge difference. I've been in track and field a long time and wish I had known about it sooner. My stomach tenses and my hips tighten when I jump. The Rolfing bodywork helped me to breathe and I felt taller."

Craig Swan, former N.Y. Mets pitcher, says, "Rolfing can extend athletic careers" says Swan, whose career ended from an sports injury. "I truly believe if I had been Rolfed in the early part of my career, I would still be pitching." Swan’s recovery from a pitching injury inspired him to become a Certified Rolfer and help others.

Other athletes include:

Chris Carter, ex-Minnesota Viking football star
Qadry Ismail, Baltimore Ravens football star
Mario Lemieux, hockey legend
Ivan Lendl, former tennis champion
Bret Saberhagen, former Kansas City Royals Pitcher
Tom Seaver, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher 
Jeff Linder, competitive cyclist
Iginia Boccalandro, 2002 and ‘98 Venezuelan Olympic luge team
Ben Hindle, 2002 Canadian Olympic bobsleigh team
Isabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler, 2x Canadian Olympic bronze medal pairs figure skaters
Brian Orser, Olympic Silver Medallist and World Champion figure skater
Lance Deal, 2000 U.S. Olympic hammer thrower, 96 Olympic Silver Medal
Erin Aldrich, 2000 U.S .Olympic high jumper and 2x All-American
Kristen Ulmer, former World Champion Extreme skier
John Egan, world renowned Extreme skier
Mickey Egan, Rumanian Olympic Skier
Grant Ernhardt, a U.S. Biathlon team member, 2002 Olympic hopeful


Leon Fleisher, virtuoso concert pianist: "When a crippling hand injury ended his performing career, Peabody pianist, Leon Fleisher went down a different musical road. Thirty years later, he's turned an unexpected corner (The (Rolfing) results were remarkable." John Hopkins magazine, 1995.

Levar Burton - "The Rolfer works on fascia which is the thin sheath of white tissue that covers the musculature. By manipulating the fascia you manipulate the musculature, and in turn the skeletal structure, so you bring alignment to the body... It can be very healing, cleansing and balancing for the body." Oprah - July 7, 1996

Movie star Sean Young, who has starred in the movies "Bladerunner", "No Way Out", "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", "Wall Street", "Fatal Instinct", "Once Upon a Crime", and a few dozen others received Rolfing.

Willie Nelson, songwriter: "My wife recommended (Rolfing) highly", says Willie Nelson, "...The first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain)", reported the New York Times, on Feb. 23, 1995.

Sam Keen, best-selling writer, is a former Psychology Today editor and co-producer of award winning PBS documentary "Faces Of The Enemy". "Bodywork has allowed me at age 65 to live as vigorously as I want to, in an embodied way. Nine months ago I started studying flying trapeze work, and I couldn’t have done it without Rolfing."  When Sam Keen spoke of Dr. Ida Rolf as a true pioneer in his early Psychology Today 1970’s article, Rolfing bodywork gained international attention. Now thirty years later, Keen benefits by making Rolfing a part of his own health care regimen, to stay aligned, fit and flexible for his flying trapeze work. Sam Keen’s books include: Inward Bound; Fire In the Belly: On Being A Man; and the Passionate Life.

Other celebrities include:

Courtney Love, actress/singer
Denis Leary, actor/comedian
Diane Ladd, actress
Georgia O’Keefe, artist
Miro, modern artist
Fritz Perl, psychotherapist
Mary Elizabeth Mastontonio, Broadway/movie actress
Maria Benitez, Flamenco Dancer
Steve Turre, jazz trombonist

Other Endorsements

2013 - Neuropsychologist and author Rick Hanson, Ph.D, described his Rolfing Ten Series as "one of the strangest and most meaningful experiences of my life." (source: Huffingtonpost.com, 5/11/2013)

2012 - Philadephia Orchestra violaist, C.J. Chang, tried Rolfing work, as suggested by a collegue, to help relieve pain. After the fifth or sixth treatment, Chang says, he felt his "whole hand just freeing" and was able to resume his career. (source: US News & World Report, 9/5/12)

Jonothan Stalls, who walked across the United States to support Kiva, received a session from Rolfer, Michael Waller. Said Stalls, "I can’t even begin to explain how ‘fresh’ and ‘renewed’ I feel…My shoulders, neck, and posture feel truly ‘free’ from many years of tension and the sudden ‘intense’ weight added from my new portable home!"

A 50 yr old scientist, and medical consultant for healthcare manufacturers, Jim Wright had planned to live with his shoulder, neck and back problems until his wife suggested Rolfing. The problems were allieviated and he sees his Rolfer once a year for a tune up.

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom, President, Moore Vocal Arts, says, "I am over 60 years old and have advanced scoliosis which the Rolfing treatments have definitely begun to help. One of my friends who had not seen me for awhile remarked on my better posture without my telling her why."

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